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    "Oh, you speak so well!" and other annoying comments

    You lipread so well!! Grrr... I hate that comment cos the only lipreading I am skilled in is between the sheets with a girl of my dreams...
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    wONDER bUM!?

    Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes!
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    Deaf man seeks health board role

    Thanks for posting this on AD! I was going to do it later when I get home rather than from an internet cafe. I'm working on a campaign website which I will launch just before I head to the WFD Congress in July. It has been a successful NZSL Week in NZ. For further information go to :: New...
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    Larry Birkhead Is The Father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby!!

    Bummer.... I thought I was the father... :rl:
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    WANTED: Digital Photo’s of Sign Language Recognition Events

    WANTED: Digital Photo’s of Sign Language Recognition Events for a WFD Congress Presentation. Digital photos must be of high resolution either in Black and White or Colour (preferable less than 300kb in size). These can be celebration of official recognition of sign languages, marches for the...
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    Military Relationships

    I dated a nuclear technician once... she glowed in the dark! Just kidding... I never gotten around to dating any military chicks. I'm not sure if I want my GI Jane practising her strangling on me tho.
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    How old were you when you first experienced job discrimination as deaf person

    In every job I've been in... I have always experienced on-going discrimination in New Zealand. Started being discriminated in jobs when I was 12 (after school jobs), even from the point I had finished High School and worked full-time... and still on-going. It seems every Tom, Dick and Harry...
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    Have You Noticed? Part V

    Have you noticed I am at the bottom of the world? (well... close enough...)
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    Poking everyone...

    Weeeeeeeeeeee Lasza!!! It was sure a great time we all had that night in Denver! Nice to see ya again on here! Kim
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    Display name games

    W O N D E R B U M World Of New Deaf Equality Rights By Universal Means
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    Poking everyone...

    Wow its nice to see some AD originals still on here! Does Knightwolf still hang around here? It's been yonks since I caught up with some ADers in Denver... If you ever are in Madrid, Spain for the WFD Congress... please chat me up, although I will be busy with WFD stuff... i would be more...
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    Poking everyone...

    Koala: Thanks!!! I'm still living across the ditch in NZ. Tweetybird: Nice to see ya are still here!! Highlands: Do you remember my dog humping your leg? Probably not, anyway thanks for the welcome back! How I'm doing... been full on getting ready for the WFD Congress in Madrid...
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    Poking everyone...

    Hi ya all... Pokes.. Just wanted to say 'Hi' after being absent from AD for too long... <bends over so Alex can cane me for being a nawty boy> :whip: :bowdown:
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    15th WFD Congress - Madrid

    In a few more months the congress will be happening... Who on AllDeaf is definitely going to be there? I'm one... naturally as a keynote speaker and International President for a Commission there... Would love to see more ADers there, like the ones I saw in Colorado after the last WFD...