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    How many do you have sibling

    I have one deaf sister, and one brother.
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    Check out at EYF's Gallery.

    Post some pictures from SVP '04!
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    Happy New Year 2005

    Happy New Year to y'all! Have a good one
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    Blind or deaf?

    I'd stick with deaf. So, of course I would need my eyes to be able to see.
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    Who's going to NTID/RIT

    Seecha there then :]
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    Who's going to NTID/RIT

    this fall?? I am - going to be a freshman. ;] :dance:
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    Anyone have old sidekick that you might want to give away? Let me know ;]
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    New $50us bill

    The new $50 looks neat!
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    Does Anyone have plans for the Fourth of July Weekend ?

    Probably going to Boston pops and meet someone there.
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    i noticed my urine is very clear...

    ofc its normal. if you drink water all day, then your urine will be clear. it is normal for sure.
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    German Court Slaps Naked Jogger with Fine

    everybody has the right to walk nude - we all are human beings. nobody should feel offensed.
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    World's best driver!

    :D i always use my pager while driving. i am doing that on my own risk. :P
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    Glasses w/ Captioning

    I would like to try that glasses!! :)
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    Brrrrrrrr.. anyone like this freezing weather in Northeastern???
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    How do you feel when...........

    well, they were using my bestfriend's full name, excatly where he was ( i knew he was in that city) and the person said he got in acccident there. blah so thats why i believed at first.