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    Shortage of interpreters?

    There appears to be a shortage of educational interpreters in the rual areas of Iowa. Part of this appears to be due to the implementation of the standards this year. I think implementing this is a good thing, how it is being implemented might be a bit harsh.
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    Books on Deaf Culture as mentioned by AllDeaf users

    Outsiders in a hearing world, it is an older work written about the time that ASL was starting to be recognised as a language in it's own right. If I recall correctly it is a bit of a dry read, as it is a Sociology study work. Still a good work, would be interesting to see a comparison study as...
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    Getting over the "handicap" classification....

    It is what it is. They are who they are. In many ways you are now on a journey to self discovery. My hearing loss is progressive and once upon a time I saw what you saw and thought as you thought. Think of it this way, the only visible cue to hearing loss is the presence of the aides...
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    New P3

    Kristina I am happy that the software is working for you and as I said, it is ok that it isn't working on my particular machine as currently configured. The problem that I am raising is my experience with customer support process on what was an company enforced upgrade, that is I had...
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    New P3

    P3...Vista and customer support I have P3 at work and at home, the previous version worked fine at home but had problems at work, got the update at work, seems to have fixed the problem there, and since it was automatic, I knew that the next time I started P3 at home it would update. I have...
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    Any body like to fly?

    Yes it is a 150. I bought it to finish training. I leave it pluged in during the winter so if the weater good I can just get it and go fly. Yes you can see for miles in the winter, and usually after a storm has passed through. I am not sure if I am going to go to the fly in in Corona this...
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    Any body like to fly?

    Mx757 MX757 That is what I found out too. It's not just Deaf that are afraid, hearing people are too. I have offered a ride to many of my friends no takers yet. But you have to remember, this really isn't just a phobia that they are experiencing. Your actually talking about taking a person...
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    What was school like for you?

    I agree that it would be interesting to see some generational stories from the beginning of the mainstream movement to now. Just as a general guide to the changes and improvements that have been made since the start. There is now a 30 year period that could be drawn from and I bet it would make...
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    What was school like for you?

    I bet, being in the system just after 501 passed was a bear. I am hopeful that things are better today. I have heard from a lot of parents that seem to think so, but then, remembering just how little I told my parents about what was happening in school I wonder.
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    What was school like for you?

    As bad as this? :eek3: We had just moved, my family and I to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range from the bay area. This was around 1972 as I was about to start 3rd grade. I had been just diagnosed as hard of hearing a short while ago and the hearing aides where on order but...
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    AllDeaf's very own trash newspaper

    That makes sense... My bad. Finnish must be finning exact english. The only question remaining is where do they find the pigeons for PSE? :-o
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    Two-Faced ASL Interpreter ?

    I think it is an agency thing. Maybe they get worried that the terps will start free lancing and then where will they be? I suppose from an Agency perspective if a terp socializes at deaf events, why they are just giving there services away for free and we aren't getting our cut...
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    I lost this one last fall

    An old cat curls up on my lap and then she looks to me as if she where to laugh as I remember our days gone by. As I recall it wasn’t always this way, once in her life she was just a stray, so often I wondered if she was afraid in those days or if being a cat means to...
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    "Oh, you speak so well!" and other annoying comments

    It is funny. But annoying at the same time because the person doing that just changed the topic suddenly without warning. The third time that it happen I found the perfect line to follow up with which is: "Apparently not."
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    Some suggestions for Law Enforcement. I could use your help.

    Yes it is scary but what to do? I totally agree that there needs to be a single proven method that keeps the weapons holstered. After watching "COPS" several times I totally get why they need to be safe. But I just wish it wasn't so on the line when the only thing that happen was just a...