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    Looking for deaf friends to practice fluency with/to have more interaction with

    Have you tried Zoom? It's the next best thing since COVID has pretty much paralysed a lot of services that I know of that requires physical touch and/or lipreading.
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    A Canadian adventure

    Visit during Mayfest. This is when RIT and Gally students both have holidays. They usually come to Mayfest during the day and party hard at the Mayfest party. It's a mecca event.
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    A Canadian adventure

    Beo, you, you, you..LOL. Try bannock with seal. Ohhhhh so good. I'm of Inuit descent. ;) It's been a long time since things were "freaky". *mwahs*
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    ASL Practice Buddies on Zoom

    Hello Alex, Would totally love to ASLize with you. Take care, Patty
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    I need Help glossing a song!!

    I would be happy to do this for you. Give me a day to do this and I will reach out to you through inbox.
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    Send Us Your Video and Get Paid!

    Good question, Alex. What about ASL vlogs? Old school ASL vlogs that includes English transcripts for others that may feel intimidated by the old school ASL. I will wait for the general consensus before I upload my series of ASL vlogs. I would not want to step on fingers and toes...