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    Got a job for good!!!

    yayaya FINALLY! don't let work so hard and trade my van? KIDDIN! and have fun on ur new job
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    Shark dance??????

    GEEZz that NS's old SN's SHARKY!! oh waitt already back his's old NS now HAHAH!!! sowwies that HELLA FUNNIII!!!:laugh2:
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    Good Bye to My Great Uncle Owen

    Thanks guys and least my great uncle is good hand in heaven wit his's late parents n both of late sisters too
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    Tattletale 3 year old boy!!

    Haha that soo funni!!
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    What are you thinking about?

    Im think abt my great uncle since he's passing on :(
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    Good Bye to My Great Uncle Owen

    Sorry not much post here laterly anyway another part Sad news: I just found out that my great uncle owen's passed away last sun (aug 9) due his sick for long time so will have go to Funeral today n tomorrow noon said good bye to my great uncle R I P Owen Clark
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    Come here Jolie and Sasha!!!! You guys are in trouble!!!!

    Happy Bday To Sasha and Jolie!! and have fun! *mess both's hair* uh oh zoom
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    70's Star Farrah Fawcett, 62, Dies Of Cancer

    I just find out from yahoo news i was shocked that She has passed away sudden wow!! but she is only young as 62 age. She is my favortie show i used watch all time till her's passed away and You will missed R I P Farrah Fawcett
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    Who is single here?

    Glad that i m stay single for 4 month now and i feel betta much free after break up last few month ago ... i m stay postive and keep myself busy ;)
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    My husband's death..

    I was not online that much but juz check on and saw ur post about ur hubby's passed away i m sorry heard abt ur loss hubby and hang in there
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    2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    YAYA!! since My roomate is LOST Bet bec i m won bet :giggle: yaya abt time kick Redwing's butt! but they are good gme :D there will alway next yr :P
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    2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Not if Redwing will kick pitt's butt tonight so juz wait n see what happen tonight :hmm:
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    2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Can't wait watch trw night see if Pitt can have chace kick Red wing's butt or not since it'll be LAST Game :fingersx::fingersx:
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    Friday - What are you doing that day?

    Trw (friday) which my night off....i m not sure what i do have plan for trw(friday).. and maybe visit good friend of mine either go Deaf club depend my mood
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    Gemma! Gemma! Hey!!!

    Happy Bday n have fun! :)