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    Cochlear Implantation benefits

    I've heard it's very uncommon for kids to have progressive hearing losses unless they have EVAS
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    Cochlear Implantation benefits

    With my CI I can hear most environmental sounds, I did speak a bit better(most people I talk to don't realise how bad my hearing loss is without me telling them) I can understand familiar people without Lipreading(my mum and my twin)
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    Cochlear Implantation benefits

    I was prelingually deafened and received my CI at 10 years old after wearing hearing aids for 9 years. I have done quite well with my CI considering but it is not the best as you would expect which I don't mind.
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    Phonak, Oticon, Widex, Siemens, GN ReSound, etc. How are they all different?

    No idea LOL, I never have had a Phonak though, I have had a Widex, and Oticons
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    2015 Official AD Meet II on 23rd May 2015

    Wish I could be there! Impossible!
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    How to communicate in an emergency?

    I will text 999 if needed(I live in England), I can communicate with emergency staff through spoken language and if I don't understand them I will ask them to write.
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    How Long To Nap For The Best Benefits

    I can never nap...unless I'm ill I will sleep for 9-12 hours in the day!
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    Tricky question maybe HARSH question

    Well I was deafened really early, sometime after birth up until 3 months, anyway that is a hard question! Even though I've been severely/profoundly deaf all my life and have a hearing twin and older brother I have always wish I have had some experience of hearing unaided and I always wanted to...
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    2 different brands of CI

    yes it is possible, depending on choice, any problems you have with other side, etc
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    How often do you all get your hearing tested?

    Under the NHS, children up to 18 get 6-12 monthly checks, adults whenever the NHS wants! LOL
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    Just introducing myself.

    Welcome!! :)
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    Speaking clearly

    I gave up on this a long time ago! I used to get worked up everytime I spoke because I was worried people will not understand me. They still dont so I have given up on speaking to people unless I really have to!
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    How are you feeling today? Part II

    feeling very fed up, finding it really hard to find a job! Bit of cabin fever and I can't go out because I have no money. Supposed to going to NYE party tomorrow but I cannot be bothered, and it's bring your own booze and guess what? I have no money!
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    Would anybody eat pizza in Italy?

    I visited Italy in August, and I prefer non-Italian Pizza!! Just taste nicer to me and it does depend on where you ear it, also they are BIG!