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    Deaf Rave

    cool. I've never heard of it before, that'd be nice but I dont think I'm going? I wish I could going there
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    well.. I'd say Maybe? I dont know.... if i have days off from my work. I'll see on that later.
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    JILLIAN'S in Farmingdale, NY - 02/26/05

    wow. I didnt think of that one, where I went , only one time. its been a long time. ahh, Feb 26th... I wish I can going, but I'd have a planing on that day. have fun, everyones if you're going there :P
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    Adobe PhotoShop Experts?

    First of all. you've should read classroom book first, then you can do anythings from Photoshop Tutorials, watever you like :o) That's better way for you.
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    Post your pics or link where you born...

    somewhere, Ny
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    picture of your desktop

    here's...... simple & plain.. oh well
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    Why not see ur Wedding Pixs?

    aww. so beauiful~!
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    Unofficial AllDeaf Gallery

    cool! :thumb:
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    update picture

    Dude.. you look cute! :giggle:
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    The Official Member Picture Thread

    Yeah. thank you.. I know I like it alots than before
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    The Official Member Picture Thread

    other pic :-)
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    The Official Member Picture Thread

    Here's new pic .. i took it by few day ago and My hair is different now.. my hair is short...
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    School for the Deaf

    Robert Fraser? Umm, I'm not sure... What year He was graduted at lexington school for the deaf? Well.. I was in high school start preppie (lexington school) it was in 1997.
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    School for the Deaf

    Yup, I dropped out by 2000. I was supposed to be graduate 2002, but I was left the school before halloween 2000. and back on this year 2004.. I'm going to school in long island right now.
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    The Official Member Picture Thread

    okay... Here's new pic by last night. I know it's kinda dark.. Digital Camera is a gay....haha.