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    CI Surgery Date :)

    Congrats. I haven't been on here in ages and I noticed the lack of threads with new CI implants.
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    Almost 5 years later

    Wow, I had not realized so much time had passed since I posted on here. I joined in 2008 around the time I received my CI implant. Things have been great. The quality of my life has increased so much it's indescribable. I don't regret getting implanted . I had not been around my family up...
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    Started using a phone again

    After about 25 years of not speaking on a phone, I have been doing so this week. It's really weird. I don't always understand them but I am practicing! I got tested recently. She made a change to my programming before the test and it made the sounds softer. So I only got 78% speech...
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    CI Activation

    Mine was a disapointment. As said above, I expected too much. I had been deaf for so long that it nearly knocked me off the chair when she turned it on. It sounded like a firetruck in my head. Very loud. They had to turn it down a lot until I got used to it. Others seemed to do better than...
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    Things starting to work out

    Thanks all. Last night I was in the bathroom all the way across the house and I heard my gf telling my dog to lay down. It was so clear I thought she was in the bathroom. People at work keep telling me my voice is so much more clear. They also stop talking when I look away doing something. I...
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    Things starting to work out

    I was growing frustrated with my implant last month. I missed my scheduled mapping because of the snow. I still have not been back but am glad I waited. In the last 3 weeks alone, I have made huge progress. I am understanding the tv without the captions. I am hearing people better than ever. At...
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    Another Update *sigh*

    Sign me up for the book when it comes out. Interested in reading it. :)
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    Looks like I need to call my ENT

    Heck the site of my implant feels like it was put through meat grinder. lol I hear good so it's fine by me. :)
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    ct scan results

    Good to hear.
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    Odd sensation/feeling in Walmart entrance?

    Odd. I rented some movies from there recently and didn't notice anything strange. I was turning my CI off when going through the security gate. My friend said he never does and has not lost his programs like the audilogist said was possible. I stopped turning it off.
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    Head colds/Sinusitis with CI

    Is it normal for my sinuses to hurt 3 times more than they used to before the CI implant? I've been sick since Saturday with a sinus infection it seems. My head is killing me today. It's muffling my hearing some too. They usually clear up on their own without a doctor so I am waiting one...
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    New mapping

    I still have people shouting at me. It gets annoying. lol
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    New mapping

    I've used P3 all week. Going back to P1 feels like going back to a HA. I don't like the noise reduction and don't need it. I've slowly learned to focus on the sounds in the room this week. I made more progress with my CI this week than I did all month at home. Just being around people...
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    New mapping

    Work was rough. I work in a room full of running injection machines. The noise was overbearing. I tried the noise reduction program and it's ok if I am not talking to anyone. It filters EVERYTHING out. With it on, I could not hear any better than I did with hearing aids. It's weird too. If I...
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    New mapping

    Nothing major. I was sitting in the house the other day with everything off and I kept hearing this whirring noise. whirr whirr. I couldn't figure out what it was. I looked everywhere. I finally realized it was the air vents in the roof. I also realized today that my dog makes a whine when...