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    As A Child, What Was Your FIRST Sign Language?

    I think "Milk" was the first word of sign language when the child was a toddler or maybe about 8-9mos. I will have to check it out somewhere in the video box or else as I did wrote it down the date on the piece of paper but right now, I'm not sure exactly age. Second, sign lang was "Eat" and...
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    Charles and Camilla are now married....

    You make me laff about her broken bird nest on her head. And even, her wedding flowers look too small for her aged.
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    Straight, Curly or Wavy Hair?

    Yeah, I forgot to add about I use that hot curler almost everyday to make my hair look nicer with straight n' curve.
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    Straight, Curly or Wavy Hair?

    Mine is mostly straight hair but I do have lil bit wavy, too.
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    Whats is your favorite kind of burger?

    I never miss whopper with all my life.
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    What's your Favorite Fruit?

    I'm a fan of crazy over fruits: pink grapefruit, tangerine, canteloupe, honeydew melon, kiwi, strawberries, mango, and red apple.
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    How Many Of You Know Sign Language?...

    I'm not a pro signer. I type on the keyboard better than I sign talking to deaf. I only understand to deaf who can use asl/lipread becuz I went to deaf school tranferred from public school and to hoh with tc much easier. I use my voice only talking to hearing. If a stranger doesn't know me, I...
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    Are u rather to live in Hawaii?

    I'm chicken lived in island.
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    Working Advice
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    anyone watch this???

    :barf: Hate to see bloody movies. :crazy: They make me sick to my stomach and I can't constantly watch that movie any longer, it turned me off already to do smthg else. I like to watch only fantasy or adventure movies that's all I care about.
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    How Good Is Your Driving?

    :roll: :pissed: :lol: O gawd, I must be tired. I didn't think of careful what I said about the car hitted me :eek: I mean bumped lol!!! my car what a coward thinking I am. I hope u better shut up urself at this time don't laff at me.
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    Hearing aids and Yawning.

    I mean shrinker not squeezer.
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    What is your favorite brand for a hearing aid?

    :thumb: I agree w/ u this ones best!
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    How concerned are you about warnings of a possible bird flu?

    I already caught a spring fever from last wk; even, all my family got sick already passing around us here. Dang, it was terrible flu much worse than before.
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    DS vs PSP

    My kid said,"I like DS and Gamecube better psp sucks, Gamecube and DS rule! Also, I like the gameboy player. Besides, you can play GB and GBA games on the DS, too."