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    Woman who left deaf and blind girl outside in Big Freeze is spared jail

    Why do parents get drunk around their kids anyway, I mean if you are to watch a kid you should be sober. Also it's obivious neglect I mean you totally left your kid outside how do you do that. Should lose custody especially when your kid is relying on you for guidance.
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    Deaf, mute teen gang-raped

    thats terrible however why did they say, she didn't report it kind of confuses me did she not know how to write or sign what had happended?
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    It sounds like you work with people who are disabled and your HOH am I right? If this is the case a lot of jobs like that have pretty strict rules how the person's are educated and how you treat them. I don't know if I would say that if was due to your hearing impairment, however jobs normally...
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    Minnesota/ Mpls

    You know Billy Minnesota has a large deaf population, have you ever heard of Thompson Hall (deaf club)? There are quite a few other places that people meet we check out Har Mar Mall in Roseville like every Friday except around holidays a deaf group meets and helps those who...
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    Hearing in a relationship with Deaf, HoH, Deaf Blind et al.

    Very true This is very true I went out to eat with my friend who is deaf and blind it's I spent all this time thinking about seating arrangements and how we would talk. Only to find out that he knew a great arrangement and little change was necessary. I guess all and all I say treat people...
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    wow thats interesting I will have to make a note of that site I think it's a great idea!
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    interpreters what do you guys think?

    I would have to agree with that politics is social don't all around, normally ends up in a fight. Crime is kind of like the news sad and health sometimes is ok. Except family isn't bad I'm an uncle and so grandkids is fine(or in my case nieces and nephews).
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    interpreters what do you guys think?

    Thanks that's how I generally feel I'm not a ASL student I learn because have met some pretty cool people through it and good friends is always a good thing!
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    Basic care of cars...

    It's kind of a big picture concept in regards to your cooling systems. They aren't that hard to figure out except that there is a lot of components and reasons why your always out of coolant. Here is a very general rule of thumb if your car is leaking coolant right behind the front bumper...
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    interpreters what do you guys think?

    Hi I'm hearing, but I wonder what deaf or hard of hearing people think about interpreters. Sometimes I feel like students and interpreters maybe offer help more often when it's unnecessary. An example: a friend of mine born deaf, often prefers to use his own methods to communicate to those who...
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    Is speaking and listening hard work for hearing people?

    hearing is easier or harder for some hearing people than others some of my friends have a harder times than me. One of my friends had many ear infections when younger and has a harder time hearing. Also one of my other friends has started to lose her hearing from work thats noisy(neither of...
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    Sign for boring

    As they said their are many different signs I tend to see signs done by young people and signs done by older people. I personally use the one finger and I see that a lot but, you will find that even some words people will use the ESL version of/or a sign that to my knowledge doesn't exist. I...
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    Two Questions On Fingerspelling Difficulties

    simply put when you finger spell don't use the full motion I see a lot of people sign N and M at 30 or 35 angle from the the side of the thumb. Also R barely have the index and middle finger over lap. I used to sign using my wrist and tendons pulling a lot it's unnecessary strain on your hand...
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    Weekend Life

    wow sounds pretty close, but where does the go to boring event fit in 2 more naps and hanging out with boring people kidding. I at least agree with the food and sleep part unfortunately I still wake up early on the weekends regardless of the fact that I don't work
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    Meeting a Deafblind person in real life

    I was saying that for the topic the last few posts have been just from and CJB. Thats all I meant.