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    Angry Life!

    hey i just say have a nice life bye bye hehehe
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    How I plan to handle gas prices

    hope a drunk driver wont knock that damn sign down heheheh
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    Who Is in Their 40s?

    Iam in my 20 pooooffff!!!!
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    Guys that have girls that are "just friends"

    just ask ur best friend u never know!!! that way u and her will know wether be friends or wife thats all get it done or move on LOlz its simple as that!!!! rite???
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    Picture captures deadly bike crash in Matamoros, Mexico

    another thing i want to piont out why isnt the drunk driver brake light not on??? theres debris on the road the white peices on the side of the police car before the ahead on u see it ??? confuse me I think theres more going on than the pix sayinng u know /
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    Picture captures deadly bike crash in Matamoros, Mexico

    yeah iam wondering why that police car was on the opposit lane to let the drunk driver around him or maybe he caused it Dunno. If that police car stayed front of the bikes then maybe it wouldnt be as bad as it looks. I have been looking at the same pix over over iam going damn why did the polce...
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    does anybody from all deaf go to tagdeaf???

    I have no problem get in. Iam using the same scrname . U got to be pateint. I like it its much faster. People is starting to come back!!! It takes a while to biult it back up u know ~!!!! I under bout have to start a new ascc That will give u something to do jking!!!
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    Hello Ya'll from Texas

    hello iam from texas too close to dallas between rockwall and dallas on the east side!!! welcome to Ad !!!!
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    Unofficial AllDeaf Map - Post Your Location!

    Hey Guess What !!! I claimed Texas I own it all but iam currently living in Dallas heheh
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    Here I am

    welcome to alldeaf hope u like.pssst are u a flight attendant!!! or a woman heheh jking
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    pics of you

    why dont u try be a model aMMM
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    pics of you

    nope it needs to be lighten up LOlz see the line opps zoooom
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    First Deaf Bank President Ever

    a good friend of mine I have a long time college good friend he is married has great family he owns a bank in okla so what!!! heheh anybody can be anything they want to be as long as they put thier time into it u know
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    I am sorry

    hey dont worry everybody has a way of u know when someone pusshes ur button till u get upset i just ignore them . why dont u go outside and layout relax have a mariqiuta or something LOl I dont know if yr a girl or not but be lkool i get that wauy sometimes
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    does anybody from all deaf go to tagdeaf???

    I like tagdeaf its faster now and easy to keep up.Be a good place to see who and what they look like over there !!!! what u think???