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    NFLer Aaron Hernandez is charged with murder and weapon charges.

    The problem was, he loved his gun..he gave up luxury of lifetime..damn ass-clown He requested one thing, more protein in his diet...of course he was denied.. :lol: The murder victim didn't even had a car and was executed by a millionaire.. :roll:
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    What's your lunch tonight?

    marijuana :)
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    What's your dinner tonight?

    went to the meat store and bought fresh ribeye steak (not frozen) and bought a fat potatoe and ate them wit' steamed broccoli...puts hair on muh chest..also bought T-bone steak and will cook it on weekend.. :rockon:
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    I've been workin out that most of you couldn't do and that is cutting wood on hot summer days..very physical work..I do this kind of work just to keep my weight down and I never watch what I is too short..Im usually at 220lbs to 230lbs.. I bought a very nice basketball portable system...
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    does your pet know that u are deaf?

    My rotty def. knows Im deaf and she doesn't like audists...we're best pals..always lookin after nite she saw closed captions on tv and just starin at tv and lookin over at me..she knows! 3 other family dogs knows Im deaf also..Dogs are so smart..When my family was on vacation, one of...
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    Court of public opinion looms large in George Zimmerman murder trial

    I bet the big guy would not tell that to Martin's parents faces!
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    Court of public opinion looms large in George Zimmerman murder trial

    Some of you might remember me..haven't post here since October..anyway, I was stunned when I first learned Zimmerman was found not quilty of manslaughter..he approached TM at 7:15 pm at night with his gun...Z was really lookin for trouble that nite...three jurors had him guilty BTW, TM's...
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    Illinois woman accused of killing son, girl as she babysat them

    Ill never forget what Susan Smith did... :shock: 5 yr old boy was completely innocent. I dont know why ppl get back at ppl who they are angry with and kill the kids...fookin pyscho!
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    What Sandy did to New Jersey

    Poor car... I think it's safe to say the car is un-driveable. :lol: When ppl run out of patience, they think they will die.
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    RockinRobin FEEL BETTER!!

    Drink some moonshine and you'll be just fine. :lol:
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    It Is Time to Turn Our Clocks Back Again!

    One hr of extra sleep sounds really good to me...gonna snore some more. :rockon:
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    Watch for Hurrricane Sandy on East Coast

    I agree, would be terrible. I think the rumor you're spreadin doesnt make sense..sorry! Bloomberg isnt a cruel guy,right? Oh yea, the race would have started in hard hit Staten Island. Im sure runners are on strict diet before they run a marathon. If Bloomberg cancel the race at the...
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    Watch for Hurrricane Sandy on East Coast

    I dont believe that for a was a very tough decision fo' the mayor. Runners from all over the world trained fo' months(fer the race). I mean think about it, visitors would probably want to git da hell outta there. Too dangerous for runners to run on the streets b/c protestors would...
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    What did you learn today?

    Where is Sean Penn? He doesnt care about white people. :lol:
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    What did you learn today?

    what m3 learned tuhday is my local drug-store ( I rarely shop there)small store) only had 4 hearin aid batteries in each package... paid almost $5 for the package..wont do it again. :lol: They have a sign up says no hats and sunglasses.. :lol: They've been robbed for painkillers b4. I never...