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    Translation of Male Language

    anything for you sweetheart Meaning: I realy need to fuck you
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    Deaf Pride?

    I disagee with the expectations from RIT i myself is deaf but has no deaf parents. I got lots of deaf pride to me it means to be true deaf person to social with deaf people no matter where they came from. I have a tatoo that said DEAFPOWER on my arm.
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    intersting to discuss about NHL playoff

    get your fact right the devils did not lose and there is no reason to debate on which team will win because the devils will win the cup. :D
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    NHL playoff

    the devils will win the cup :D they are my fav team. i also glad theat avs, redwings are out. it make it easier for the nj to win. go devils.
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    Sprite Remix

    yea i agree
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    Ever you physical abused your

    when i was younger i thew a chair twice at my teacher it miss her the first time but i nailed her the 2nd time. later that day i punch the school department head in the eye.
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    cruise trip

    you are so fucking lucky
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    i wondering if it takes two people to create a baby the mother and the father then why should it be just the women who can say i want the abortion. the man should have a voice after all with out him there won't be a baby in the first place. if it was a rape then i understand the women to have an...
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    Discriminated again...

    hey if i were you i would walk my ass in ther with a lawyer and tel them that if they don't offer the course to you then u will sue. law said that they don't have to pay if for an interpreter if they can't afford one. but the state would pay.
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    CART/Captioning service for the deaf/HOH

    my self had not try it but it make me want to use it already.