Yay!! creativefingers has arrived!!!



:gossip: Girlies!!!! Our Charlie has arrived!!! :bowdown: Welcome our Charlie of the Charlie's Chickies!!! Mwahhies, creativefingers!! We're sooo happy for you to be here and of course for us to *squealing with delight!!*...:twisted: ... corrupt!! Of course, you were already corrupted before! :laugh2: This guy is one great guy, he's amazing with his hands! Whooo hoooo! Hey, get yer mind outta the gutter!!! ;) He's an amazing artist and ask him to show it off and lawsy lawsy, he will! :laugh2: I just know he's going :ugh: at this thread!! *HUGS* Charlie!!! You know how much the Charlie's Chickies loves you!! _\m/ :grouphug: Welcome to ADv2!!!
Oh no Creativefingers' gonna reclaim his position as Charlie for us Chickies! :D
Originally posted by Liza
Oh no Creativefingers' gonna reclaim his position as Charlie for us Chickies! :D

:laugh2: I wondered about that Lizachickie!! _\m/ ya girly!!
Yay! You are here now! Good to see you here, and I'm sure your Chickies are very excited to have your presence here! Watch out Kevbo! :laugh2:

Welcome to ADv2, and make sure you have fun here! :wink:
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Heyyy Charlie (Creativefingers) welcome to AK! It's been too long! Hope all is well with ya dahlin'! Post away! :grouphug:
Geeeeeezzzz , were really scraping the bottom of the barrel for members these days
Well geeeeeee... thanks! ***blushing here*** and I see that bbnt is being the usual.... an anal retentive. believe me.. he is at his best! :twisted: ... and soooo good to see my angels ... my darlings.... my chickies..... I will give you an assignation later .. errrrrr I mean an assignment:cool: .... and many thanks to kuifje for his welcome *hugs*

lets see.. have I forgotten anyone? **looking around** ah well just give me a poke if I have. (not too hard, mind ya)

Now... any cute guys around? (grins)

Just me