why so many deaf single men?

How odd, So. Cal has good amount of deaf single women of various ages. I run into the occasional deaf event, and these women are approachable...
Oh, I'm suprised when you say that they are many deaf single women... I thought that it's very rare to find deaf single women
A guy feels a need to be able to support his family...he won't usually jump into something unless he feels he is ready...forget what u watch on tv, that is the truth and with the way the world is changing so fast, some of us guys are hedging our bets until we feel we are ready...peace to all...
Sandwiches are very cool. U have my vote. But I wonder, do you prefer mayonaisse or mustard? Or, like me, both?
Yeah... I'm definitely thinking "manliness" is gross if it involves ball sweat behind the nack or whatever. That's not manly, that's just gross. It's okay though.... it's okay. It just reassures me that I'm super gay, and women are the way to go. :D I'm a P.A and 2 years shy of my M.D. degree. I'm well aware of germs and where they're chilling out. I'm also well aware of the quality of germs, which are more potent or "bad for you" where they are and where they can be and do. I'll let you think mouth germs are worse than the potential germs that are in the no no regions of people if it makes you feel better. :ty:
Huh you are a PA and say a human mouth is cleaner than a freshly washed pair? I spoke of a specific place in the region after showering and getting cleaned up. Just because women are often not so clean down there does not mean us guys are the same way. :P
Huh you are a PA and say a human mouth is cleaner than a freshly washed pair? I spoke of a specific place in the region after showering and getting cleaned up. Just because women are often not so clean down there does not mean us guys are the same way. :P

I've dated quite a few women, and I have never had a problem with it being "not so clean" personally. Not sure what chicks you've experienced, but I feel sorry for you if that's been the case. Men have a discharge through the day just like women, so don't play that with me. If you want to go with the freshly washed aspect, yes. A human mouth just brushed and rinsed would be cleaner than a freshly washed pair... especially if they're sweating enough for you to wipe stuff on your neck. :P
There is small comparison to what happens to an outie as compared to an innie. I am not playing any game on you. I have nothing against the situation, life is good. A well scrubbed woman is mighty fine. I grew up in the era of panty hose. Shuck a woman out of a pair of those after a night out on the town and it was not always so wonderful. Just the day in the life of times. I am not perfect by any means. I sure hated panty hose though. While it is easy for a woman to tell a man hey buddy you are getting rank hit the showers it does not work so well in reverse.
Any comments along those lines are kind of a permanent end point. Just talking like I am talking is a permanent endpoint. Don't have to get down to graphic and truthful description. I have my own ultra hygienic woman that I am in love with. I completely understand why you love women.
Oh I'm just direct. If I were to ever go to be with a girl that had issues, I'd tell her to hit the shower just the same! :laugh2: I carry baby wipes to use when I'm "out on the town" that way I'm sure everything is golden at nights end.... just in case. :P
Get to fishin' boys, those chicks aren't going to talk to themselves on your behalf, flip the alpha male switch to the ON position, find your "lucky charms", use your "mojo" and get it done.

It's nice when it works the other way around too. There's few ego boosts bigger than a woman finding you attractive and approaching you.
Woman just being too PICKY based on appearance, looks, money, fame, etc.... That's why many of us men got fed up and minded our own business until right one comes along. Unfortunely but that's how it is nowday.
I agree.

A lot of students at NTID ended up getting pregnant and leaving school... because they were too focused on having relationships when they should have been focusing on schoolwork.

It's like one student I knew who had multiple forced miscarriages because she kept getting drunk & stoned... then having sex with random guys she met at parties. She was obsessed with being "cool" and trying to find a boyfriend. Of course, she couldn't keep a boyfriend for more than a few months. :roll:

Then there's another student who just transferred to NTID... only to leave a couple months later cuz she accidentally got pregnant. She was only 3 months away from graduating.

Then there's a group of girls who knew each other... yet, they got pregnant by the same guy.

So, what does that tell you? Are they too obsessed with having relationships and not being careful when they could actually put their brains to good use and finish school?

That's the problem nowadays. People think that it won't happen to them... but it does.
Really!? I did not know that. I went to NTID ohhh back in 1988-89 (for one year and I left for good reasons). Anyway, I never seen anything like that happened back then. I saw just a very few left for other good reasons or graduated in the Fall or Winter quarters back then. I did not know that many got preggy. Crazy. They partied too much instead of education. Hmm... And a few got preggy by one guy? He needs to be arrested and give child support for all of the babies! One guy I read in news did similar. He got 20 women pregnant and had 40 kids. The US government told him to stop it. He was what you call him as "Natural Sperm Donor" It means NI.. That is a person can give a woman his sperm natural way by intercourse instead of Artificial insemination or known as AI. AI is sperm bank or in doctor's office, you spill in a cup and they immediately put one sperm in egg in the lab and then plant right away to the woman's womb. Look it up. He has to pay for support. The law caught him. So, I am saying that I hope he has to pay. Man! When I was at NTID, I was not popular and most hated. Because of one female who hated me and made lies. That is real reason why I left NTID. I went back to community college and vocational career training school. Much happier.