Why does my cat's tail curl up over her back?

Sounds like a mutation.

I had a neighbor who had a cat that constantly had kittens. Only 1 out of 5 kittens came out with full tails. The rest had crooked tails, short tails, stumps, etc.

She is 12 years old, unbelievable.. but she doesn't look old because of her shiny fur. She's healthy cat. How cats do you have right now? I lost counting them!! :lol:
Beautiful cat! :)

I was not paying any attention about my kitten's tail until you brought up this subject. He does have a straight-up tail.

She got a few grey furs but not noticeable. Well my sister or I grooming her quite often. She had a car accident and broken right hip (in 2000 i think). It took long time to recovery. She had a massive surgery to put a metal things on her hip. She is afraid to go near the road but she likes staying inside all the time.

Lol currently we have 3 cats. Fluffa 12, Max (tabby) is now 6 years old and Flash (ginger) is about 7 or 8 years old.

Flash had a car accident too and got broken hip, back and tail. The vet has been told that Flash wont be live very long but its amazing he faught his life. When Flash came home from surgery and we made a lovely wee bed and blankets for him. We fed him in everyday and take care for him. His tail need cut off because not moving anymore sadly. He used to very shy and not very friendly after dramatic accident. Now he's well and healthy cat. He loves his owners to pat him more often!!

Max is a very big boy with a boyish nose looking. Hes very heavy. He is now about 10KG. No kidding. He loves hunting and sleeping in the sun at the garden (same as Flash too but not hunting though). He got a very long tail. I love all my cats.
My kitten tail also curls like that, but isnt fluffy. I saved him from being run over by a car at 5 weeks old. Im in namibia, so i doubt he is an american curl tail, but looks like that exactly.
interesting i never thought of that.. yeah it depends on what kind of breed. :)