<----Married with Kids....Al Bundy Style!
planning got marry

That my man forever :)


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Recently got engaged :D We got engaged during the Australian Deaf Games :D
Taken by zacho817 here at AD... He isn't deaf though (he's my hearing boyfriend). We've been together 6 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days now.

Perhaps in two years or so, he'll surprise me with an engagement ring... Never know... We'll see what happens.
Originally posted by Fly Free
i would if she KNEW i like her :laugh2: but no she doesnt yet -- i enjoy chattering with her whenever i see her online and shes funny :D and im more careful of who i wanna meet IRL from online and theyre vastly different Hydra -- so for now i prefer to keep it classified on who i like
Sound like me... Umm..
Just kidding.. hahaha
You used to have a CRUSH on me :D
divorced twice..
now i am taken.. and happily living together..
unknown about marry.. :sad: hehe
Married for 2 years next month and I have known my hubby for almost 9 years. We're still going strong! :thumb: and we're expecting our first baby by the end of this year!
Married 2 years on May 12........
Knew him for 4 years this End of July......
Out with him since June 22nd.....

LOL I know short time but He's really wonderful man !


Wendy ;)