Who is single here?

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lumbingmi said:
I would like to know who here is single and how long have you been single?

I have been single for 1 month now. :cool:

Still single
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Rio said:
I am single,never married. I never really had a serious BF its been a lot of dating. I dated a fella two years ago not work out , someone better out there grin.

You still single.
still single

Been divorced 10 years. Tried craigslist for months. Few responses and no commitment from anyone. Still looking in northern California.
still single here....

and enjoying it.....

no need rush into any relationship...
I've been stay single for god knows how long. Few months, I started to look for a relationship but it may be complicate with my lifestyle :/ never mind.

With that being said, I'd like to make more friends that from outside of United Kingdom ^^
Single, hearing, female, 36, OREGON, USA

I am a single 36 yr old female from oregon, usa.
I have been single for a little over a year.. But the last serious relationship was my hoh sons dad 8.5 yrs ago.
I am interested in dating a deaf or hoh guy that maybe lives in oregon as well. :)
*enters room, grabs everything, packs in luggage* Im outta this thread.

Yep, no longer single