What's your earliest memory?


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Dec 27, 2014
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Mine is 2 years old. I remember picking peas with my grandpa in his garden overlooking a harbor. They passed well before my 3rd birthday. Top that. :D
Iirc I was breathing amniotic fluid and reminiscing about "the good 'old days" when I was the size of a tiny tadpole.

I had dabbled in agnosticism - as I wondered if there was really a "Mom" and "life after the womb". I could see evidence of this all around me, but I wasn't convinced that any of it was actually true. So, I decided that once my hands sprouted from their little buds, I would author my very own unauthorized autobiography on the walls of my holding cell, otherwise known as the placenta. I never got around to it though.
Iirc I was breathing amniotic fluid and reminiscing about "the good 'old days" when I was the size of a tiny tadpole.

I was going to say "Doing gymnastics in my mama's belly". :lol:
I don't know if I did, but I know my youngest did in mine.
My earliest memory was visiting my mom is the hospital after she had my brother. I was 3 and half years old.
Wait .... If my first memory was of me reminiscing, would that qualify as a first memory?
Two years old, dressed up in a snow suit waiting for my aunt to pick my mom and I up, she was late, which years later I learned was par for the course.
I have one vague memory from 3 or 4 years old. But during my childhood both my father and an aunt took a lot of movies and slides (some was also printed). So . . . I am not sure what is memory of the actual thing happening and what is from seeing the movies and slides.
I remember when I had a dream.

I was 3. I woke up, and I was 7. Weird thing was, it was real. I had no recollection of years 3-6.

No one believed me, though.
Being tied to cot parents pullingit to the door wrapping rope on doorknob
Revival! Trying to figure out which was first, between two and four, 5 or 6 come to mind, one was when my brother and I playing space ship I was in the tub of the washer, he plugged it in, my arm went through the wringer, mom to the rescue hitting the emergency release, at 62 still have the scar:aw:
Or my earliest traumatized memory. I was 2 years old and walked into a street and a truck nearly ran over me. I just don't forget it. It is glued into my memory forever.
Seeing an escalator for the first time and being deathly afraid of it. I was about 2 and a half years old.
Oh! Youngins probably know not what a ringer washer is, they'll have to gougal it, we lived in a house that was white I don't remember that house, I do remember the gray house we lived in, we children slept up stairs, girls to the left boys to the right a pot belly coal stove between, we would take a clay brick off the stove wrap it in news paper and put it at our feet under the covers to keep us warm at night, one night being tucked in I saw some webs in the corner of the ceiling, I must of thought they were spider webs, I don't remember what I said to mom but do remember her telling me they were cobwebs, and I asking her where were the cobs:ugh3:
Getting lost in Quebec and getting a spanking from my Mom for leaving the yard. OUCH, my poor bum.
I don't know what my earliest memory is because I had an aunt that was really into photography both still and movies and my parents took photos with Dad also also taking a lot of movies. With all of that there was quite a time that I don't know what is memory of what was happening and what is memory from seeing the photos and movies.
coming into the world covered in blood and screaming... Going to go out the same way...LOL