What is Your Child/Children's Favorite Movies?


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Nov 24, 2003
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Do your Child/Ren have a favorite all time Movie(s) List them Here....

Markus's Favorite Movies is "the Spy Kids"

Jordan's Favorite Movie is "Finding Nemo"

They Both love to watch them Dairy and never seem to get Bored with the same movie LOL.
Ryan is fond of Finding Nemo as well :) He's also a Spider-Man fan. Mikey is into anything Power Rangers - and Melissa loves anything with those Olsen Twins... :)

As for me...LOL...I'm into any good horror movie that keeps me guessing!
My oldest and second sons loves the movie ' Shrek ' and my little one loves the movie ' Jurassic Park '....
OMG Angel! Your little one and my little one would be best friends! I completely forgot about Jurassic Park! Ryan has just about worn out the tapes and DVD!
Both of my kids love any Disney movie..they tend to watch any one of them over and over. Austin's most favorite is Aristocats cuz of the music and singing. Kieran likes it too as well.
Im sad to say that I notice that my daughters are starting to like older movies like Meanie Girls or other PG-13 movies. They are bored with Disney movies now but too young for PG-13 movies.

I took them to see Harry Potter a few weeks ago and they loved it! They also loved Shrek 2.

I miss these days when they would watch "Snow White" 10 times a day!
My son (two years old) really got hooked onto "Toy Story 2", and when my second daughter was around that age, (now 12) went crazy over "Lion King", but now she is gradually getting into horror movies...don't look at me, I didn't steer her into this sort of thing...it could be my oldest daughter,(now 20) that could have very well influenced her for she does love to watch horror flicks...*shakin' my head*...good grief, what happened to good old comedy, etc.???