What did you do today?

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Good stuff Pfh :) but very time-consuming I'm sure! Care to share your website addy?
Thanks for the good wishes, all of you. We just got back from dinner - I had lobster. Yummm!!

It hasn't been difficult putting up with this guy at all; I count my blessings to have found him! Fortunately he feels the same way about me, so it all works out. ;-)


Good luck to all of you job-seekers! Hope you all find exactly what you're looking for.
I worked on the farm, ran the power washer for about 4 hours spraying out nest bottoms. Now my hands are all tingly.
Thanks Pfh, what an interesting project and what dedication you all must have to see it come to fruition. How wonderful to be able to put your passion into something that has the potential to reach far and inspire many.
Today I worked 7am-2:30pm at Subway and then I went to ASL class from 5-8pm. :D productive day. We had to sign a childrens book on the spot. :D
In tears. It was time for me to let go. I refuse to let myself be hurt even further. I don't deserve this, I deserve so much better. Here's to a brighter future, hopefully...
Indeed. You've taken one step toward that brighter future today.

Hugs to you.
Bloody Hell!! As soon as I woke up, power went off b/c of power shortage. 2nd time happened less than 4 weeks. That shit has to stop. So, again I went outside and did work 'til sunset. My hands are rough and sore. I dont wear work gloves. They for sissies.
I relieved a crapload of pent up stress this morning, then went to the gym and let out a bunch more, then helped a buddy of mine tear off his deck, then came home and visited with Sunny a bit (she was home sick today), cooked dinner for Sunny, went to Job #2 (cleaning offices) and just got home about 20 minutes ago. Getting ready for bed soon!
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