What are you thinking about? Part VIII

Happy Anniversary Reba and TCS and many years to come!
Speaking of which, I need to be spanked. I am being totally lazy today. Any volunteers ?

I think I found the volunteers..... your orange cat... ;)

I like asparagus too but they made you pee and I don't need help with that ! I like coconut shrimps too yummy ! The shrimps here come from China and are farm raised .
I think I would pass on frog legs too ! LOL!
Thank you. :) We had a coconut shrimp appetizer, and blackened shrimp dinners. (All the shrimp is local.) I had sides of Carolina red rice and grilled asparagus stalks. TCS had sides of mac and cheese and french fries. We both had hush puppies.
Happy anniversary to you and TCS ❤️
Hadn't been on here in ages even tho I only been stalking on here as a guest and thought I would log on finally.
2nd Part of "Roots"...comes on at 9/8c...its a 4-part series, started Memorial day ( night)....Really Good!
Thinking it has been overwhelming day today... a lot of stuff going on. I just got off the highway and was on the off-ramp when car died on me and won't start. Adding to that with long night at work and other things going on with me. Had to wait 45 mins for a tow truck while being embarrassed due to blocking a lane with some unhappy drivers had to get around me.