What are you thinking about? Part IV

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I am thinkng about how I'm shuddering at the winter coming up. Anyone can pay me to stay in California for few months?

I know how you feel! Quebec has brutal winters, not looking forward to it.
Oh no someone mentioned WINTER. Not looking forward to having a LONG WINTER that is on the way. :tears:
I am thinking about this weekend Zumba event , celebrating Mexico's Independence Day!
It's cool enough here even that I'm considering putting on a hoodie. For now I'm just in my pajama pants and t-shirt on the bed under my comforter. I may make me some coffee later.

Also, on days like this, I feel depressed.
Had to throw on a sweatshirt before heading out for my ASL class tonight. Fall is in the air.
This was my first class since last March. It was interesting to say the least. I still don't know my some of my classmates names since I'm still slow at reading fingerspelling. I'm sure I'd be just as "lost" if it were my second session of any other new language.
I wore my NY Giants hoodie out for a walk this evening. It was perfect.
My boss is letting me take half the day off tomorrow to take my DD to the fair parade. I have a feeling I will be wearing my hoodie for the first part of the parade then I will probably peel down to a t-shirt. We have to leave a bit early though because I have some errands to run around town before they shut the streets down. I'll be up at and it no later than 8:30.
We used to have bumper pads on sharp corners, like around the coffee table.
I think so myself figure out think so consider!!
How much I hate all of the gammar nazi's little rules, like no dashes in formal writing.
Thinking that I wasn't expecting THAT much too be trimmed off the trees that separate my house from my neighbors. And they didn't finish taking down the tree behind the shed. Glad my landlord is coming over tomorrow to do some work on the house. Hope to be here to get his reaction (he's the one who arranged the trimmings). Ah well, just like a bad hair cut, not much you can do but wait for it to grow out.
Also thinking it's time too pull out the flannel sheets. :)
thinking about a lot of things..blah!
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