To Current and past Minnesota Peeps!


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Jul 11, 2003
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Hello you all again. Been a while since i been here. But anyway, i need some help from all of you who had or lived in Minnesota.

i'm studying Minnesota History, and i have decided to do Minnesota History on Tornados, and i just need some information for those of you guys who had expericenced tornados, and how did u reacted when it was over.

Such as, i'm curious how and what did u do before the Tornado gone thru, and what happen and what did you do after the storm.
i'm going to be typing 7-8 pages long, about what happen, the impact of the people. For you guys, PLEASE tell me your expericence of it.
i will NOT include your name in the paper unless you give me permission to let me put it in my paper. It will not be in a book, or on the internet. It's just an assigment, and will be a HUGE paper by the end of the semeter. Ikes.

You can either post your comments here, or otherwise PM me, and leave it there. i'll come back and keep on checking. If you want to TALK to me about it, AIM me at LindzKluz, but please tell me where you are from (Alldeaf).
Thanks you all!! yaya.gif
Sorry. I'm in MN, but have never experienced, or even SEEN a tornado. Best of luck with your paper though.
lindz... not long ago.. last wendesday there's a tornado here in my town.. and in cities(i'm sure u know) but saddly i didn't see the tornado myself.. i was at work... when that happens.

only real tornado i seen in my eyes is long long time ago and i barely rememberd.. its like in 1988 i was only 8 years old.

however.. to give you a hint.. most tornados hit south middle of minnesota .. between marshall to hutchinson. which u'll see my town as an tornado alley.. but since there's many of them here.. i didn't seen any of them in my own eyes.. been missing them all.. and i'm saddly SAD.. wish i see them in my own eyes.. my co-workers took some pictures.. they're lucky.. if it ever happen again here.. i would LOVE to watch it and take pictures and study on my own.

My parents living in brooklyn park.. where tornado hit in blaine last wednesday.. they had no power till this afternoon that's little more than 90 hours with no electricy.. and that's their longest one they ever experience. before.. OFC always the basic thing everyone does.. is go to basement when tornado starts. they heard siren blaring went down.. then when its over they came up and saw hundrends of tree down.. and there's no power running. but no house damage (only the house are damaged is the trees fall on the house) however in blaine.. the house are totaled.

anyway the only one i saw was in 1988.. that time my mom and my brother and me live in apt.. which is hard if having tornado.. its about 2 am.. when siren blaring since apts dont have basement.. and all the people in units are forced to leave the apt building and go outside to a safe spot designed for tornados.. called shelter area. i was so scared cuz i'm only 8 years old and its 2 in the morning when my mom woke me up telling me we have to go!

this is why i'm SO MAD there's no Deaf equiment in case a siren blaring for tornado warning.. if there's one i'll be glad to get one!