The Talking Deafie

I speech read and talk as my primary form of communication. This is how I was raised. Now that I'm an adult, I am choosing to learn to sign, and then will give up speech reading and talking, except for with family members who don't know how to sign.
This thread makes me so nostalgic.....

It's a modern era when even forums have a "good old days."
Yep, i'm an oral deafie.

When I get done with college, I'm going to go full-bore into learning ASL from a Deaf teacher in an accredited program.

A while back, I tried to take a half-*ssed ASL course from an interpreter, but it was geared to hearies, and there was no book or curriculum, so I gave up on that. I had a really hard time following what the teacher was saying in that class.
I started taking speech when I was about 4 years old, and I stopped taking speech in my last year of high school until my last day of high school. I can talk pretty well, I think that I have a small deaf accent when there are certain words i can't say, like railroad or jewelry; especially jewelry. But when there are words i can't say, my dad would help me out by allowing me to put my hands on his throat and feel the vibrations as he's pronouncing it. I have severe hearing loss and have bilateral cochlear implants. But i had hearing aids before i was implanted on my right side, even before i was implanted on my left ear before 8 years old.

I have trouble with some words as well...SP words are hard for specific and spaghetti. Also some words/names, like Rory...or world war. Two "w" words in a row and it just comes out all wrong, it doesn't sound right at all. There are other words too...but these are the ones I struggle with.