Teaching Assistant Job opening - Oregon

Mary Hildebrandt

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Jan 17, 2018
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We are recruiting for part time, limited duration Teaching Assistant positions (expected to end June 15, 2018). Positions are located in Salem, Oregon, and are classified and represented by Service Employees International Union (SEIU).
Teaching Assistants work with active D/HH children throughout the day. They are required to supervise students during special activities, and may work with students who have severe emotional or behavioral problems with whom physical restraint techniques may need to be used. Staff may work with and train volunteers, college practicum students, and/or student teachers. They may be exposed to communicable diseases, and they walk around and stand a great deal of the time in order to instruct and assess effectively. Duties include:
  • Help teachers implement behavior and academic programs or plans for students.
  • Assist teachers in behavior management of students including active involvement by observing, collecting, recording and interpreting data.
  • Escort/supervise students to and from classes and activities.
  • Follow teacher-made lesson plans with an individual or small group of students in the elementary, middle, and/or high school departments.
Staff are expected to sign at all times when deaf students or staff are present or in the vicinity, regardless of whether they are directly involved in the conversation. This includes the campus grounds as well as inside buildings. Teaching Assistants at OSD must possess an ASLPI Level 3 in order to make OSD a communication-accessible environment. The agency requires all Teaching Assistants to provide certification they are ASLPI Level 3 proficient. You must provide the certification to the agency within twelve (12) weeks of beginning work, and you are responsible for paying this initial testing cost.

To qualify for the position you must have:
  • Equivalent to a high school diploma and six months of paid or unpaid experience working with or caring for children, preferably in groups; OR
  • Two years of college courses in Education.
  • ASLPI Level 3 certification within 12 weeks of beginning work.
For more information on how to apply please visit: https://www.governmentjobs.com/care...teaching-assistant-oregon-school-for-the-deaf