spouse with infidelity problems

Doug...it will take some time to recover and for it to sink in. May be a short time or a long time but dont rush yourself trying to get over it when you arent ready. It is ok to feel all those conflicting feelings. I went thru that..it was a hell year for me but now I see my ex huband as a complete stranger and cant remember what it was like being married to him. Feels like my life with him was unreal.

U know u have a great support group of friends here in AD! :)
Just remember Doug you aren't alone in this... I do believe "once a Cheater always be a Cheater". I think it's great that you are going to therapy as you want to get better but she doesn't so her loss period. You doing good for your soul and heart to forgive but not forget.. Hang in there Doug...
I had a husband, once upon a time, who couldn’t keep it in his pants. It nearly drove me to suicide. I kept giving him chance after chance after chance. He had no desire to salvage our marriage and I couldn’t make the marriage work by myself. Once I worked up enough courage to leave his sorry ass, I realized that it was his loss, not mine. I am worth much more than that, and he was taking me for granted. I knew there was someone out there who would appreciate me enough to be faithful, and I found that man.

You say this is not the first time your wife has cheated on you, so that proves that she has no desire to make your marriage work. It’s time to start respecting yourself, since it is obvious she has no respect for you.

Sorry to hear about your ex husband, and you're right though if a spouse kept on cheating in the marriage then the spouse has no desire to make the marriage work, or even wants to make it work. It would be foolish for the un-cheating spouse consider reconciliation with the cheating spouse. ;)
How are you doing so far???? I hope yo uare doing better than what yo0 posted last time... hope everything is well with you!!!
you guys have to go counseling in order of save marriage.. If it doesnt work, you will leave her period..