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Feb 28, 2008
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These are just some poems I've written. Some of them are older, some of them I've written recently. I'd like to get your feedback on them! I know there are a lot of them, you don't have to read all of them if you don't want:)

Her Great Mind

She is just a child, just a sweet little girl,
dealing with a handicap in an unsympathetic world.
In a daunting society where there is nothing for her to earn,
she's shoved into a padded cell,
society says she cannot learn.
Perhaps she has a great mind,
like Shakespeare or Einstein,
and before us in scholarly attribute she could stand,
but no one wants to listen to the girl with shriveled hands.


I'm dancing in the sunlight,
I'm happy as can be,
dancing in the sunlight, to the land where I am free.
Dodging all the shadows that life will throw my way,
watching that I don't corner myself with the lies that I will say.
And every now and then,
the road will throw a bend.
And though I may stumble, as I've done many a time before,
I will only cease to dance when the road exists no more.

Mock Me

You mock me because I'm Native American
You mock me because I'm not dark enough,
You mock me because I'm too fat,
You mock me because I believe in God,
You mock me because I talk strangely,
You mock me because I am ugly,
You mock me because I sing,
You mock me because I dance,
You mock me because I choose to be me,
Foolish child,
you mock who you wish to be.

I Really Had No Choice

Stop it! end it! My mind is in such pain,
tearing, ripping, bludgeoning my brain.
Inside, outside, up and down once more,
coming through my conscience, just like they've done before.
They yell and scream in quiet tones, they tell me what to do,
I see you for the first time, and they say I should kill you.
So out I come down that dark alley, completely against my will,
steadily I walk toward you, my controllers objective? KILL!
They meneuver my hand to the gun on my belt,
your fear and shock I can almost smell.
I swiftly pull the trigger, and in the blink of an eye,
I stand in a pool of your blood and my tears, as I watch you lay there and die.
Remorse do I feel? Of course I do,
but please remember, it wasn't I who killed you.
It was my controllers, I really had no choice,
They've taken out my mind, and replaced it with their voice.

Big Brother

Something’s always missing, since I found out I missed out on you.
Something doesn’t seem so right, since I’ve recently realized I love you.
And even though you were gone before I had a chance to know,
you are the missing piece of my heart, my light is dim without your glow.
I loved you before I was born, I really didn’t have a choice.
I know you love me too, I can hear it in your voice.
The thunderstorms speak to me, as does the wind in my ears,
for I know when I listen to these things, its your voice I hear.
For you see my big brother,
I am your baby sister.
You died before I was born,
but I miss you with the utmost care and even scorn.
I was racked with jealousy as soon as I was begot,
because I have to wait to see Him...when the first face you saw was the face of God.


I died the other day,
Your heartless love pushed me away.
Like a grain of sand in your eye,
You beat me so hard while I laid there and cried.
Your emptiness engulfed me,
It took my every cell,
What will it take to set me free?
to get out of this repulsive hell?
I see myself ten years ago, a young girl with a future of gold,
Now ten years later I’m stuck in misery,
I never knew Hell would be so cold.
You put me here, in this place so bitter with no way for me to get out.
Now I’ve nothing left to do with my life, but wander aimlessly about…

Remember Me?

Remember me?
I was your friend.
We thought the days would never end.
We thought we had the rest of our life.
We would get married; I’d be your wife.
The days on the swing, our legs dangling over the edge,
Our first kiss at the Grand Canyon as we stood over the ledge.
At Senior Prom when we danced the first dance
To the last time I saw you wink when you glanced
These are the things that torment my soul
These are the reasons I am not whole.
Without you what am I?
Just a bare empty shell
The memory of that last night is like the torment of Hell
The thing that I did I could never forgive
It is because of me that you no longer live.

You Are the Best

In times of treachery, death, and fear,
You gave us hope and dried our every tear.
You gathered together as an army of one,
Together you fought; and together you won.
You made the decision to leave your families, husbands and wives,
To fight for our nation, and risked your own lives.
Because of all that you’ve done and all the fear that you faced,
We stand proudly as individuals with our hearts embraced.
And we as a class will never forget,
What you did for us without one single regret.
You fought to take away our fear, our strife and our anger,
By fighting for us, when we are just strangers.
Because of you we are closer somehow,
Because of you we are stronger somehow.
And together we’ll make it, one step at a time;
Secure in our homes, while you put your lives on the line.
To all of you who chose to take that test,
We’re proud of you, you protect us, and we are protected by the best!

Nothing More

Standing in the kitchen, holding up a knife,
She knows how easy it would be, a single gratifying slice would end her life.
Standing in her kitchen, pain is all around,
She can’t take it anymore, in this hell that has her bound.
She stands alone with no one there,
Nothing to do but breath cold empty air.
Outside the sun is shining, but warmth it will not come
Because this girl she lives alone in a house of hollow stone.
At night she dreams only of the horror of waking,
To find herself in a game of always giving and others taking.
Soon there will be nothing left to take from her unoccupied soul,
She’ll become part of the emptiness, another addition to the big dark hole.
The most depressing part of this story that has now been told…
This little girl was me when I was nine years old.

Mommy's Love

In the middle of the night,
when the birds have gone to bed.
The restless child stirs as a nightmare racks his head.
He cries out for his mommy, but mommy cannot hear,
She walks the streets in a drugged state, pretending not to care.
To everyone she talks to she claims to have no son,
she'll do anything for drugs, and she'll do anyone.
Sitting on the corner, she thinks everyday,
about the life she could have had, and the son she gave away.
She never felt what it was like to hold him in her arms,
to feel him wrap his hand around her finger, to shield him from all harm.
She gave that up the day she lost her childhood,
in the back of his chevy,
he looked good,
and she thought she was ready.
But ready she was not,
when for hours she stayed in the hospital and labored, sweaty and hot.
Before the birth she'd turned to drugs to conceal her shame,
but dependency and lust were cursed upon her name.
A life was lost with no time to mourn,
the mommy was gone before the child was born.
And a hospital was where the child was forced to live,
his mommy's bad habit left little else to give.
To feed her hungry addiction she gave him away,
he became a ward of the state before his first birthday.
This was how he grew, a mothers love he never knew.

I Dream

I dream of daylight, of night, and storm,
of moons gone by and fires warm.
Of villages in fiery hell,
and wealthy households with an empty well.
Of summer nights so warm and soft, with breezes high and low,
Of a lovers eyes filled with endless dreams that I shall never know.
A twinkling of a star so bright,
It shines as if a lantern hung for God’s nightlight.
And while I dream at night and learn of things I did not know,
I shall awake with nothing but the memory of a dim dream shadow.
So sad that our nightly adventures are rarely ever retained,
For happiness lies purely in the memory of the knowledge we’ve obtained.
Oh my! ... what can I say? the poems are good! ... no, more than good ... they're excellent! Well written & well put together! :jaw:

If I had to choose .... I would pick "I really had no choice", it captivated me that I had to keep reading to find out in the end, but in fact all of the poems did! So well done! :applause:
Oh my! ... what can I say? the poems are good! ... no, more than good ... they're excellent! Well written & well put together! :jaw:

If I had to choose .... I would pick "I really had no choice", it captivated me that I had to keep reading to find out in the end, but in fact all of the poems did! So well done! :applause:


I hope you get these published, if they aren't yet!

No they aren't published, but thanks for the idea!
Holly, I enjoyed reading those. Keep posting more when you can. Interesting concepts there. Have you written about any deaf experiences?

Good poems, nice reading too! Continue with your writing, you obviously have a knack for it! :thumb:

(loves writing poetry too-- ;) )

Wow! Im blown away with this poem... excellent job Holly! :)
Holly, I enjoyed reading those. Keep posting more when you can. Interesting concepts there. Have you written about any deaf experiences?


Well, I'm not deaf, i'm hearing, so I haven't written anything about first hand deaf experiences:) And thanks, I will put more on here in the future!

And thanks everyone else!
These poems are excellent. Mommy's Love really has hit it home for me. When I was reading that certain poem, it just made me speechless because I was picturing the scenario. That's like tugging at your heart knowing it happens to some children out there growing up without a mother (and a father as well). Yes, It's sad but you have written it so beautifully for it to be able to blend together. I commend you for that.