Software TTY App??

Does anyone know if T-Mobile IP Relay service is only for T-mobile Subscribers? It is accessible with a Braille device I use and am curious of others experiences?
Hi there! Full disclosure, I'm a T-Mobile Accessibility manager.

T-Mobile IP Relay service is for anyone in the USA and US Territories - you do not need to be a T-Mobile subscriber, so download away on your mobile device, even tablets. Or you can just use it from any web browser. If you have more questions, you can email Hope this helps!
For those of you that can read your cell phone screen or can take the time to transfer the captions to your desktop screen how about reading the details at

It is what I use on my cell phone calls both outgoing and incoming. I do not have vision problems in addition to hearing so I read the captions on my cell phone screen. They have been my first choice for several years. There are enough features that I will not try to list here. the web site with details it at
Yes! RedSpider Web & Art Design offers a Software TTY App designed to help you with web and art design tasks. Our app is built with the latest technologies and works on any device. It can be used by both experienced professionals and novices, as well as businesses and individual users to create stunning designs in minutes.
I use Software TTY on Apple 7 plus device without relay service. Just TTY to TTY anywhere as I use to TTY call to contact Bank of America for emergency if my debit/credit cards has been lost or stolen (Avoid relay service may steal my CC numbers as I would be scam victim) and I can TTY call to contract AAA tow truck service if my car break down while I am on vacation,

and I use a LED backlite bluetooth keyboard for travel and vacation or survive kit due to power outrage.
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Also, Telemarketers try to call my Apple smartphone. I switched TTY mode to relay service. Telemarketers are stuck with relay service as they hung up on them and they can't bother me without ringing on my smartphone. i feel peace of mind.
Thanks for sharing Evo. Very useful info for me.
This is a bit confusing for me. I have a iPhone 14. It has NO Software TTY, Only Hardware TTY. Can I just use RTT/TTY as is and a TTY will accept it? I need to contact SSA TTY number.

UPDATE!: FaceTime via RTT triggers a Relay call! (711). Now, if I can just get TTY to TTY working, I'll be all set!
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