Say vs Hearing in ASL?


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Jan 16, 2012
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Hey everyone. I was watching one of the Bravo ASL lessons and I noticed the sign to say a person is hearing looks the same as the sign for "say" or "speak". Are they the same? Is there a difference?

I'm not sure what they did, but there is definitely a difference, at least in my area. HEARING is the index that rolls in front of the chin. SAY is the index fingertip tapping on the chin, and SPEAK is the 5 handshape with the side of the index touching the chin. All different signs...
Hearing is an index finger rolling in front of the lips.

Speak or discourse can be the same.

Also speak can be both index fingers pointing up, move away from and back to the mouth alternately.

There are also other signs for the same. It's not a perfectly cut and dried language any more than English is. :)
Thanks guys! Okay, that makes sense. I learned the sign for "say" when I tried to participate in a signing choir at church... we used the index finger rolling in front of the lips. Then I saw the same sign in the Bravo video being used for "hearing" and I was confused.