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Apr 21, 2003
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Hi, just introducing Peter aka RubberMan as he's known by his fellow biker mates....

Peter lives with me and sometimes sits down besides me watching me work or surfing the net.

He wanted me to post his pix up here with his Trike. Sadly he smashed it up in an accident some months ago - he ended up in Hospital for 5 days just only to walk away with bruises.

He rolled the Trike 3 times and the forks landed on an electric fence narrowly missing 2 concrete pillars... and not one broken bone...... ugh! That's how he earned his nickname...

Peter is a special guy and I often help him out... so here I am helping him out to post this. I will respond for him as he can't read or type.


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Hi Rubberman. Hope you are ok after your accident. Bikes, or Trikes, are replacable, human cloning still needs a lil bit of work. LOL.
Whoa Rubberman! Welcome to ADv2, and don't come crashing through the threads! :laugh2: Enjoy yourself here.
Rubberman: I had a good stay at the hospital. 5 days with the most beautiful nurse I have ever seen....


Wonderbum: Lucky bastard!!! My :jaw: was on the floor too... he had her at his every beck and call... <hands on face shaking head sideways>