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May 7, 2003
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Hello all,
i`m a new Member for they!

I come from Berlin , the capital from Germany!

I am 17 years old....I am deaf!!!*cool?!*;)
Hey, welcome to AD2! Enjoy your stay, and how did you find out about :thumb:
Herzlich Willkommen in AllDeafv2!
Hier finde ich schon drei oder vier Mitgleider aus Deutschland. Das ist super. Ich bin Amerikaner, und kann auch Deutsch. (Ich habe das Sommersemester 1996 zum Auslandstudium in Darmstadt gemacht.)
Viel Spaß bei AllDeafv2!

(For the English speakers:
Welcome to AllDeafv2!
I already find 3 or 4 members from Germany here. That is great! I am American, and also know German. (I spent a semester in Darmstadt for study abroad.)
Have fun with AllDeafv2!
Here is the welcome mat in front of you!

How did you find out all about Alldeaf? Just curious!
Hello there, welcome to AD forum and hope u enjoy urself here!... ( i am hopin Ronaldinho move to Man United ;) )

°!°Welcome here to the & Have fun by postings°!° Aba sei brav :laugh2: