Rhetorical & WH...answers?


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May 1, 2003
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I had to translate the following English statements into ASL statements. Are my answers correct?

Rhetorical Questions are used for emphasis, unexpected answers, and ironic situations- not for common situations. The signer is asking a question of themselves that need not be answered.

Rhetorical Question Examples:

My mother lives in Arizona.
My mother, lives where? There, Arizona.

My father is sixty-eight years old.
My father, old? 68.

That man earns one million dollars!
He earns what? One million dollars.

I live in a boat.
I live where? There, boat.

Imagine, my husband got home at two in the morning!
My husband arrived time? 2 morning.

Blue is my favorite color.
Color favorite? Blue.

I work at the bank.
Me work where? There B-A-N-K.

The boy is six feet, four inches tall.
The boy, tall what? 6, 4.

I saw the beautiful flowers on your table.
Flowers beautiful, I-see where? Your table.

I was just hired because I have fifteen years of work experience.
I hired, why? I 15 years, long time ago, experience work.

I found the remote control in the bathroom.
TV remote, I find where? There, bathroom.

WH Questions ask, Who, What Where, Why, When, Which, and How?

WH Questions Examples:

Who is your piano teacher?
Your piano teacher, who?

Which school do you attend?
School you-go, which?

Where do you live?
Live where you?

How did you hurt your arm?
Your arm hurt, how?

What kind of work do you do?
Work you, which?


Thanks for your attention and correction!
Hi AquaBlue.. there are several ASL Instructors here across the board.. they may post up suggestions about ASL. One thing I can offer is the use of your eyebrows to emphasize the WH questions. Facial expressions is very important in ASL conversations. Your revisions are correct because I am an ASL instructor and I've signed them out exactly as you've typed them.