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Sep 20, 2003
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Hello! :fart:

I am in American Sign Language 2 this year. Last year i was taught the perimiters and the way to write and sign in asl :fruit:. Now i do alright in signing although i am still a slow signer (annoying i know):mad:. My teacher is hearing and so are all the students (including me), and she makes up sign to songs. It helps alot for the most part, but having to figure out the meaning behind the song, and also how to put it in asl is kind of hard for me :fart:. I can imigin how to, but when i comes to writing it, im partly lost. I was wondering if i post a song on here, if anyone would help me and show me how YOU would sign it so i get ideas on the song. Last year i signed 4 songs (one per semester :wiggle:) and i never really fullly wrote or signed the song in asl. So would anyone be willing to help?
My sreen name on aim (or aol instant messenger) is :type: GothikaChick :scatter:
Feel free to message me if you want to help, or just chat, ill take to anyone =) :grouphug:
Also im wondering how other people teach or learn sign language? any techneiques that seem interesting or valuable for learning?
Thanks =) :dance:

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Hope that'll be helpful for you. Although, I do know ASL, but not quite adept, heh...more of PSE mixture of ASL and SEE) and use AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language) since I'm living in Australia. :lol:
I am also hearing and learning ASL. I love using songs to practice signing! I started out taking classes at a college level interpreter program to learn how to communicate with my son, who is deaf. But now that my kids are getting a little older, I'm thinking of trying to become an interpreter. If I can't cut it, well, at least I'll be a lot closer to fluency in the language (if hearing people can ever be fluent). It's hard for us hearing folks to learn ASL as a second language. I understand your frustration, and congratulate you on your determination. It's getting easier for me as I go along, things start to click, and things that seemed so hard a year ago are natural to me now. But for every step forward you realize how much you don't understand. So, I look at it as an ongoing process. I continue to take classes and take advantage of opportunities to be in an ASL environment. For me, that's the best way to integrate what I'm learning. Most of my d/D friends use pidgin/contact sign, like Water Rats said, and many of them talk and sign simultaneously, so it's hard to get the ASL grammar down. I really appreciate the d/Deaf people on this list. Even though there is some understandable frustration and anger about relationships w/hearing people, I haven't ever felt unaccepted, and I don't hear blanket statements like all hearing people should go to hell, like I have on other lists I've been on. I really appreciate you guys.

Water Rats, I've wanted to ask you about Austran. Are there any similarities w/ASL, or is it a completely different language? I've heard that Austran is closer to BSL, which makes sense, but all I know about BSL is that it has a 2 handed alphabet, Good God! That would confuse me. I don't know of any Austran websites, do you?

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