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Kai Onca

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Jul 24, 2003
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Hey I am concerned about privacy... If Peniarium (spelling) is only accessible to the members.... why can't rainbow forum and photo section be too.. its kinda a sensitve area too :dunno:
cricket i appericate ur concern, We the poeple that are in here are currently an OUT and PROUD Ader who happens to be GAY or LESBAIN, if they didn t want to come out and etc, they don t have to post in there, there is NO concerns whatso ever just poeple who feel its ok to be where we re seen, as for the photos section we the Aders as I know authorized to posted our pics there as well is also knowing the risk as well, some of the pics aka the hotties ( they have photos there as well) are looked at with discrections and knowlegde that it will not be condoned if AD member posted any nudes they will be warned and or banned if they have been warned before, and that thread or post will be deleted from veiwing. We did have a talk abt the plans for locking certain areas, but as i know alex well enuff to knowe that he's being fair to the poeple by letting them veiw who knows a adult or a teen kid is coming out and isn t sure how to share it they can come out on this rainbow forum and for photos, most of our photos are basucally ur standard this is me photo :)

I don t see anything wrong but again this is me .... we know the risk and we authorized it with our understanding of the risk.
I don't think that it should be private. There are members who have not quite come out of the closet yet and are still interested in reading posts made in Rainbow. If you make it private to gay/lesbian members, then those members who haven't come out of the closet may get upset. If they are forced to admit that they are gays/lesbians so they can read those threads, then that would be like forcing them out of the closet and that isn't the right thing or appropriate thing to do. What if they say they are gay/lesbian so they can read the forum? If that happens and someone finds out, it ends up being a misunderstanding and guys/gals will be hitting on those members of the same sex because they saw them in the Rainbow forum. It's better to leave it public. Making it private to gays/lesbians is like discriminating against hetros.
alright I have reviewed all of your opinions and yes I do agree... :D
Good observation, Vampy and I think I, reason why I say, "I think" is because I just came in from out of the blazing sun where I was mowing my grass abd I'm sweating bullets and can hardly see/think---lol---ok, showering now--cya, dude(Ur a guy, right?) here...haven't gotten y'all figgered out yet
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I'm a she :o

i figgered that out real quick LOL! :) but thank u for ur concerns we do apperticate u making thoughts about this.
I know this is off-point but couple months ago somebody told me that there's no adam and adam... only adam and eve... somebody just joked me... is there an Adam and Steve? :laugh2: