Post a picture of you and your sibling

My brother and me some 20 years ago... love my long hair. :D
just found this pix.... i think this was taken in late 80's. this is me pushing the battery-powered car for my brother :aw:


lucky you! I didnt have the kind of car toy when i was your age. :mad2:

by the way, you guys look adorable!
me my younger brother and older brother and sister one brother is missing tho from this pic...there are 5 of us:)
Everyone's pics are great. My pictures were on the old computer that crashed. I have just emailed my brother and asked him to email me the pics of a family gathering in 2002. It will have my mother, all 3 of her kids, all 3 spouses and all 6 grandkids.
Found an old one. Taken sometime in 1965 or early 1966.

Brother Pete on left, me (Kristina) in the middle and brother Paul on the right.

Pete was 3 or had just turned 4, I was 2, not quite 3 and Paul was 5, not quite 6.

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Okay, let's see....

That's me and my younger sister. I have two sisters and four sisters in law, so I'll have to return another time. :)

that pic is really sweet, KristinaB!! :D

Thanks!! My father had his own photography studio and you should see all the others he had to get before my brothers wouldn't tickle me. I was (and still am) very ticklish.
This is an old picture of me and my half brother (now deceased). I'm the one standing on the left. I was around early teens that time.