Please welcome Tousi



Please welcome Tousi!! This one is an intellectual... beware of him!!! I know him and he's a sweetie!! ;) baby balls nuts 'n' treats... 2C is worthy of :bowdown: for sure!!! :laugh2: Now now now.. I'm sure you all may be thinking Freaky is :crazy: but Lizachicky, Katziechickie, SmellyFeet, bbnt & I know Tousi from another forum *points my head there* and he's one great guy to have a debate with!!! Don't challenge him because he brings valid points to a debate!! Bring on those debates 2C!!! ;)

Fre *wonders if Tousi followed the gang's asses here!!* aky
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Yeah, I have read Tousi's postings at another forum. :)
Welcome to AD2 and enjoy your stay here.
Someone is trying to take over this board. :eek2:
and the fungus grows larger
:laugh2: Freaky and you're right about Teacher Tousi! Welcome to AD! Go ahead and twist my words! pppfffttttt :twisted:
Welcome ur view.. and enjoy ur staying in!
logged off if u dont like it :P
:wave: have fun!

:wave: bye bye!
<~~ call the clerk desk if u need me ;)
Welcome Tousi! Where's Defee? :twisted: Did you come here to get away from her? haha
Originally posted by kevbo
Someone is trying to take over this board. :eek2:

:twisted: Mwahahahahahahaha!!!! :grouphug: Chickies... dish time!!! People here's starting to feel the heat... people that we know are flocking here!!! They have been corrupted by the Chickies and can't get enough of the Chickies Corruption!!! :whip: Come one.. come all!!! ;)
LOL eh, Freakychick, I thought the folks here in AD were corrupted already? The damage has already been done.