PLane ban for deaf traveller


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Dec 10, 2009
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Published: 19 Feb 2010
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A DEAF traveller last night blasted airline staff for refusing to let her on a plane until she proved she couldn't hear.

Lesley Stewart arrived at the easyJet check-in desk for her flight to Edinburgh with her hearing assist dog Molly.

Staff asked the shocked 49-year-old to prove she had a disability, so she showed them her hearing aids.

But by the time an airline manager had come to speak to her, Lesley had missed her flight from Gatwick.

She was finally allowed on the next flight - costing an extra £43 - after charity Hearing Dogs for the Deaf sent a fax confirming her hearing problems.

Last night Lesley, of Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, said: "To be asked to prove I was deaf was absolutely ridiculous.

"I want an apology and an assurance that no one else with a disability has to go through that kind of experience." Furious Lesley, who works for the Royal National Institute for Deaf People, added: "Molly and I have flown lots of time with easyJet and never had a problem. This was the first time I had flown from Gatwick."


Lesley's local MP Michael Moore has written to easyJet about the incident. The Lib Dem said: "This is particularly shocking given that she took the necessary steps to register as an assist passenger with a dog before travelling."

EasyJet said they would investigate.
now that is what i call discrimination how do you prove your deaf? anyone can sign right? :shock: