Petition to Apple concerning Accessibility for HOH / Blind / and other hidden disabilities


Dec 15, 2011
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I realize this is a deaf forum, and for many of you synthetic voices are irelevant to you. However many of us who still have some residual hearing and those of us in the greater disability community who have vision support needs, synthetic voices are very useful for access to literature and for communication.

I invite you all to check out this petition where I ask Apple to allow 3rd party apps to access Siri voices. Apps like Voice Dream, Natural Reader, Speech Central could read text out loud to us in high-quality Siri voices, presumably without any additional cost to the developers or to us the customers.

Please share the link to the petition with your networks, I've done what I can to make it as accessible as possible recording a simultaneous communication (signed and voiced at the same time) video and added subtitles. thank you.