text to speech

  1. adamlogan

    Petition to Apple concerning Accessibility for HOH / Blind / and other hidden disabilities

    I realize this is a deaf forum, and for many of you synthetic voices are irelevant to you. However many of us who still have some residual hearing and those of us in the greater disability community who have vision support needs, synthetic voices are very useful for access to literature and for...
  2. vishwajeet

    Deaf Classroom Assistant - Using real-time Speech-to-Text

    Hi, My name is Vishwajeet. Nice to know about this forum and getting opportunity to interact with the deaf community :). I am currently doing majors in Computer Science from IIT Delhi, India. I along with 3 of my friends are working on enhancing learning of a deaf student in deaf classroom or...
  3. A

    I am trying to develop a new device.

    Dear community, I am writing to you because I want to develop a device that will help people with hearing and speech impairment to be able to use any smartphone in daily calls. How it will work: The user will have to connect the device to his/her smartphone through Bluetooth and will have...