PayPal: Trying to activate my "My IP Relay" phone #


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May 27, 2006
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Hi. Last month ago, I've registered my phone number with and when I ask my mom to call me, it worked. But the problem is, I've tried multiple attempts to activate my phone number with PayPal for sending/receiving mobile payments with no success.

Anyone who have PayPal and registered their personal phone number from, do you have any success with that?

To activate your phone number (My IP Relay-based phone number), log into PayPal, go to Profile, and choose Phone. There, enter a new phone number and try to activate your phone with PayPal to show that you have possession of your phone number.

The reason why I wanted to activate the phone number with PayPal is I wanted to be able to send/receive payments via Sidekick II when I order one (or SKIII).
I have not applied that relay service. But, I think that something is not right because I think all telephone bills that you receive from your telephone company. I would never pay outside the telephone service. I am afraid that you might be scammed. I could be wrong, and I prefer to wait what ADers' have to say about your post.
No I'm not expecting a scam from PayPal so I'm not scammed. I have PayPal to call me so I can enter a pin number for Mobile PayPal. With Mobile PayPal, I can send/receive payments from a phone (well, not a phone but from a pager like T-Mobile Sidekick II or Blackberry). Also, I didn't mention phone bills.

Registration is free from
Would it be a possible for you to ask someone about that instead of yourself - to just to confirm it ?

I am sorry that I do not trust this one. PayPal is fine ...but this one you have may not make a sense.

You do not need to use PayPal. Your wireless devices can be used for contacting anywhere in U.S. at no extra charges via Internet relay service, such as IP-Relay. Yet, there may be extra charge for using international calls. I think it may have required to do with PayPal. I have not expereinced with that yet.

Maybe I am missing to explain why you need PayPal?
I don't think it will really be a problem if you use your phone number with relay. I have a PayPal account and used a phone number from my dorm room that I never used. They never called me. So, I don't think you need to use that number on your PayPal account. :dunno: