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Jul 21, 2018
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Am I doing something wrong? Just started up with this site. Why is there no cancel button when replying to a post? Sometimes I think I have a comment to make and then think better of it and want to cancel my reply but???? All I can do is hit back button and then that takes me back to the main page and I have to look again for the post to get back into it to continue reading.Seems like a simple thing to have a cancel button. Maybe I'm just not seeing it?
I don't think there ever was a cancel button. I'm not even sure I've ever seen one in all the forums I've visited over the years - all of them on different software platforms. I guess maybe the only thing is to highlight the text then hit the DEL button on keyboard.
I've done the 'hit back button on browser or the backspace' to return to the previous page without posting my reply, I don't know if it returns to where I left off or not as I've never paid attention to that. (Now I will)
I just don’t hit reply if I’ve changed my mind, and the next time I want to reply, I’ll just clear out what I don’t want. No big deal to me.
Just hit the Refresh button and the comments will get cleared.

As a Mac user, I press CMD + R.
Thanks. Never noticed the refresh button. And the button next to it. Though they only do one word at a time, on my phone. Still better than leaving a phantom post.
Thanks all for suggestions. I am Deaf-Blind and just noticed that on the bottom of page is a big reply box. LOL did not see that before but it was there. I was actually clicking on the "Reply" button that is right after and under the persons post. I also did not know that once clicking that which opens a reply section that you could just delete the reply and then just leave it empty. Thanks again :) .
Edit: LOL ok never mind. Its the same thing. Again I did not notice that clicking on little "reply" just sends you to the Reply box on bottom (too fast for my eye's LOL). I thought it opened a separate reply section. And I now understand it will only send reply if you click "send". Being Blind I don't see a whole lot of pages so I miss a lot or get lost easy :) . Thanks guys I'm now getting the hang of it.
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