New York City ASL Student seeking friends to chat with!


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Dec 18, 2010
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Hey Guys!

My name is Gerard I am a hearing student at Concordia University Chicago. I am currently taking ASL at my school. I would love to chat with people, deaf and hearing, and make friends and hopefully sign with people! I want to communicate in ASL so badly, i feel that God has given me a real passion for it and i want to go into deaf ministry some day. I am training to be a pastor. Please hit me up if you want to talk!

*Pax Domini*
what! Thats so crazy, superr small world! Concordia just started ASL classes this year. Do you guys have classes there? do you sign? have we met! lol
Im sorry if i sound really eager guys but im jsut really anxious to sign! over skype, in person, anything! i really want to practice and communicate with people! so let me know!
Gerard, we haven't met. I don't take ASL at Dominican. I'm a PhD student there and I sign a little. I went to Columbia College in Chicago to be an ASL interpreter but I didn't finish. I sign some...but I sure need a lot of practice. We should definitely meet lol
Oh. That is very interesting! We should practice! my girlfriend is also taking sign language at Concordia, we should meet up in chicago! My girlfriend and I should be back the 10th of January. Do you want to meet sometime?
That would be cool...My first class isn't until the end of January but I'm usually on Dominican's campus, just let me know. :)
ok i definitely will! im super excited haha. So when you say "you sign a little" what do you mean? because i think you probably sign wayy more htan i do! I am a beginner.
its all good. It will be good practice for us both! and I know that my girlfriend will definitely enjoy it.
for sure!

For all you other people, what is your background? hearing, deaf, HOH? What do you like to do for fun?
I'm Hoh/Deaf (born completely deaf on my right, have mild/mod flux loss on my left as well as APD - which is Auditory Processing Disorder)

I speak/read/write English and use ASL ... Being that I'm Canadian, I also used to be conversationally fluent in French - but haven't really used it since High School so know I can only understand some written French.

I'm an Anglican Seminary student - currently on medical leave (I was in a car accident) but do hope that I'll be able to return to finish my Bth at some point.

Fun... mostly reading, spending time with my 1 year old niece/GodDaughter, playing flute (I played flute & picc in an orchestra for a number of years and repaired musical instruments professionally for 11-12 years (before the car accident)
:welcome: to AllDeaf forum. I am just mix up going on with my life for long time. I am Deaf and knows ASL. I am also Native American (Indian) which I am Cree and Cherokee. I have struggled in the oral-only programs in both elementary and high school. I have tried to repeat to my principal from high school that I need ASL to be able to understand in the hearing classrooms. He basically turn me down as I am doing all right in the hearing classrooms so that I can lipread the hearing teachers and hearing students. It was a struggle and I never understand what is being said for learning. I really need ASL and need ASL interpreters badly back then. Gawd, why do I have to put up with hearing people and still they kept on going, going and still going probably into the future. :( So that is my vent. Sorry about that.

Enjoy reading and posting all the threads here. See you around here. :wave: