My son gets sick almost every 2 wks

Maybe at the dad's house they eat more healthy and he comes home and you give him too much sugar and junk food then his body goes into shock from aburpt healthy eating habits ?
I gotta say I love this reply, I have been reading and it's always dad's fault...but this response was different and I love that!
WTF??? where in her post did iceriver say that she fed him junk food? for all you know, it could be the father who's feeding the son crappy food!! don't make assumptions, especially when they're hurtful!

iceriver- for some reason, mold came to mind. I'd suggest taking your son to the doctor AND get the father's house checked for mold... mold can make you sick, especially if you're young with a weaker immune system.
Does it hurt to have an open mind, I'm assuming here but it seems like as long as it favors mom's parenting skills it's okay, but as soon as someone defends's a issue...and again I'm assuming... But I'm have just been reading all these and it's like as soon as dad isn't the issue it's a issue! ‍♀️
His Father and I share custody of our son. His Father gets my son every 2nd weekend, but when he comes home he gets sick. I dont know what to do. Probably different foods that my son isnt used to, or an allergic to something at their house. My friend suggested to take my son to doctor. But any of you have this simliar problem ? Any advices ? :(
Not normal at all. Is he suffering from anxiety at all? Consider allergy testing as that could also be an issue.