my poor little baby


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Aug 1, 2004
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good morning,

it's me a sad parent, i just know that my child is having trouble with his ear, he is just 4 years old and in the first kindergaten school.
never crossed in my mind that my kid will have that such of pain caused some family roots diseases, I don't know first that my family have that kind of ear diseseases,
I just so worry that will affect my kids grow, his environment next and some bad thing that he will get cause from his ear sick,
actually it just one of his ear having trouble with mal function that from doctor's said it raised from an inffection.
I just can't stand when i see his got pain in a time, it attacks headache too,
if you have same experience please contact me on my email.
I willing to have the same people to have the good feeling that i amnot the only pity one
I'm not familiar with that. Are you saying that he has constant pain in his ears?
If the pain doesn't go away, take him to doctor to see what wrong with him.... I hope he get well soon.
It sounds like he may have ear infection -- severe bouts of them? Has your doctor suggested putting gromets in his ears to drain them of fluid build up? (Gromets are tubes inserted in the ears to assist in fluid drainage)
Umm,... better go 2nd opnion dr.. to have him check again..

sound like he have severe ear infection.. needs antibotic.. or tube (to help drainage).. if the antibotic didnt work out..

by the way.. all kids do get ear infections, it didnt means run in the family.. thats most common that kids do get ear infections for some reasons..
like.. --- drinking bottle while lay down (nap time or bed time) thats not good ..
or.. ---- cold air and moisture.
or.. ---- drainage from sinus/colds
or.. ---- senstive to get ear wet and didnt drain out good.. (like swimming or bath)..
and many more...
if runs in the family.. there are curable for that.. by medications or surgery if necessary..

i have 2 kids who tended to get ear infections easy.. by colds or swimming.. they were put on so many antibotics, some worked and some arent worked... also, they had tubes in ears.. for couple years later.. they got older and got better.. dr took out tubes .. they are fine..
Good luck.. :)