My Artworks

I thought why not I share with you guys my old artworks.
They are fairly old pictures, some of you guys are probably already know mine. Don't worry, I post with my pictures for anybody who not have seen them before.

Here! :)

An old character, the deaf cabbit girl. Her name is Kaylee Joan Honey.

Re-draw and imcompleted image that I need to finish it. However, I let you to take a look. :)

My first anime image when I colored her. A female character is from my novel book that I recurrently talked about.

Third picture I drew in PhotoShop. She was from one of my nightmares. :D

I regluarly drew her with a plain paper.

After I drew her, I colored her in PhotoShop.

I also still have my new artworks that is now improved than before. It's a little different than I used to. Because I graudally lost an interest in anime stuff. I hope I have a time to scan some of my new artworks and post them in here.

Enjoy to view here. ;)

WoW! You did good job. You should sell at Etsy :: Your place to buy and sell all things handmade. :)
impressive artworks! you do really good manga drawings, its cool
U have talent...I am sure some network would offer to buy your designs to start a new cartoon series.
Thank you Shel, Grummer, and Pespi Lover! :D

PowerOn- Sure, take your time.
Shel- Nah, I don't want to. I prefer to be author over artist. ;)

Here's some more artworks and they are pretty old. Enjoy the view!


This lady is not related to Pearson Forest. Just random character.


For Coffee Cafe logo..


I was kinda of stuggled with that image because it was a little harder to make a background and I still had trouble with arms. I still do. Aha, pfft. At the least, I love that picture! :D

I'd better to get to go now. I need to sleep, besides, I have work today. Pfft.. Heh. Later
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I would but I don't want to. Of course, I awlays enjoy the drawing. Now I still pratice with Photoshop/ProPainter, besides, I am still learning since last summer, I think? :):)
New artworks will come up when I finish with character sheet for Naruserve project and her profile form that I filled it up and then I will send it to Naruverse. I hope Naruverse team accpet my fictional character. I'm not surprise if they reject mine, really, it's not matter. This "club" is just so fun and interesting. lol

I'm still working on my character sheet. I'm almost done, anyway. Wish me a good luck!
wow it's really cool... You have good talent on those impressive artworks!!!
That looks impressive, reminds me of anime characters. I once dabbled in advertising design, after some 15 years, I'm sure I am rusty! LOL
hi KM05,

i was impressive by your art like japanese animation. it's cute.
how old were you start drawing a picture? i was curious.

peace :)