Mainstreamed Deafies @ Colleges


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Oct 6, 2003
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hey guys, (now now dont throw tomatoes on me for "betraying" this messageboard!)

I recently established a message board that are for deaf and HoH students who are struggling with their deaf idenitities in a college/university where deaf exposure/community is a lackof.

I love this messageboard, (who doesn't?) but this message is for the special folks to connect with eachother and so on,

so if you do know somebody who is deaf and attends hearing/mainstreamed university with little or none deaf classmates, send them this link to enable them to develop their own circles of friends (THERE ARE TWO MEMBERS RIGHT NOW! wheee) of all other similiar individuals across the nation (international students are welcome too, if they do have similar experiences and ofc english is being used to communicate in the board so some english knowledge is needed ;) )

High school students can check it out but just keep in mind that high school and colleges are somehow different but you are welcome to post your experiences and hope to connect with some :deaf: college students (college students are the coolest people, :laugh2: )
VISIT "Mainstreamed Deafies @ Colleges!" MESSAGE BOARD!​
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