Looking for a practice buddy (or two or three!)


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Aug 6, 2023
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Hello all!

My name is Kalin and I am in my late 20s and living in south Florida. I’m pretty new to ASL though I’ve known how to finger spell for years…but I am super motivated and determined. Despite being hearing, I am neurodiverse and would like to use signing for my own personal reasons as well as to help advocate and improve accessibility for individuals who sign. I work as a child therapist and some of my kiddos have difficulty with speech so eventually I may try to incorporate more signs at work too. Really interested in deaf/HH culture but unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to get to know anyone in the community. I would really love to practice virtually or in person with most anyone but gosh would it be great to find someone already proficient kind enough to help me out! I do have zoom pro so no time limits, but I’m open to google meet or discord :) Lovely to meet you all and I hope everyone has a fantastic day