Local CSS File (Customized)


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Apr 1, 2003
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I was thinking since I'm into CSS practice (heavily CSS dependent) I was thinking maybe adding the "Advanced Feature" to AllDeaf where the web can be linked to user's local drive css file. That way AllDeaf can have two choices, AllDeaf's default or of their own. I would *LOVE* to have my own Cascading Style Sheet for AllDeaf and post the picture of my own AllDeaf CSS while others post their own. That way we can make a better selection and creativity ideas based on user's own CSS design.

Like for css Zen Garden, http://www.csszengarden.com
Hmm... this sounds interesting. However, this might be quite a bit of work and raise security concerns for some members.
Security would be raised amongst members. That should be part as an option, warning that security would be compromised if local css is selected and used. Howbeit, css would load faster because css would use image files locally rather than having to download every time AllDeaf are visited.