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Apr 25, 2017
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Hi, guys! I'm a volunteer on one social project. We want to create sign language song music video. we want to make everything right. BUT we are not sure should we use international sign language (are there a lot of people who can understand it?) or we can use local one (can it be understandable for people from different European countries?).
can you take a look that link and comment if it works for you. And how we should act if we want to create understandable video for all people around the world?
Thank you in advance!
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Hi. I'm 6th generation deaf from Russia, and I reside in US for 22 years. To answer your question, he used Russian Sign Language, for International Sign Language users or ASL users will not understand this song unless they learn Russian Sign Language first in order to understand this song.
Thank you! But how many people know international sign language? What do you think?
Most deaf people in Europe, and other countries are familiar with International Sign Language. In my opinion, a lot of American ASL users are having difficult time to use or understand International Sign Language unless they travel often to adapt different sign languages.

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